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Available in Europe: Rotterdam, The Netherlands ; Strasbourg, France and Düsseldorf, Germany, London, United Kingdom and in the USA (St.Louis), Asia, (Singapore) as well as in our Australia (Sydney) Location.

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24 x 7 Support

Our team is available 24 x 8 x 365 available for tickets, we aim to reply all tickets within 4 hours. Usually a lot faster.

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Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Need real reliable hardware for your project, look no further we provide unmanaged servers for any project. Starting as from € 45,00 monthly

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Domainnames from all over the world

We offer more as 548 different TLD’s to choose from including the long expected new gTLD’s

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All our shared environments have free SSL certificates and Imunify360 WAF/Firewall/Malware detection.

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Managed Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers come with cPanel/WHM. We manage the platform, you manage your clients content. As from € 115 p/month

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New TLD’s and price change for .be domains

As you may have read there have come a lot of new TLD’s available for domain registrations; the following TLD’s can now be registered (please note that not all of them are already in our system but they will be added soon, if you need a TLD not in our system yet just send us a sales ticket and we get it sorted for you.

Academy, actor, agency, associates, bargains, bayern, berlin, bid, bike, blackfriday, boutique, builders, cab, camera, camp, capital, cards, care, careers, cash, catering, center, cheap, christmas, claims, cleaning, clinic, clothing, club, codes, coffee, community, company, computer, condos, construction, consulting, contractors, cool, credit, creditcard, cruises, dance, dating, democrat, dental, diamonds, directory, discount, domains, education, email, engineering, enterprises, equipment, estate, events, exchange, expert, exposed, fail, farm, financial, fish, fitness, flights, florist, foundation, fund, furniture, futbol, gallery, gift, glass, graphics, gratis, gripe, guitars, guru, haus, holdings, holiday, house, immobilien, industries, institute, international, investments, jetzt, kaufen, kitchen, land, lease, lighting, limited, limo, link, maison, management, marketing, media, moda, ninja, nyc, partners, parts, photo, photography, photos, pics, pictures, plumbing, productions, properties, pub, recipes, reise, reisen, rentals, repair, report, reviews, rocks, ruhr, schule, services, sexy, shoes, singles, social, solar, solutions, supplies, supply, support, surgery, systems, tattoo, tax, technology, tienda, tips, today, tools, town, toys, trade, training, university, uno, vacations, ventures, versicherung, viajes, villas, vision, voyage, watch, webcam, wiki, works, wtf, xyz, zone.

Unfortunately also some bad news, for the .BE domain owners, it changes its operation to business standard and therefor a price hike on the TLD is inevitable, all .BE domains will be automatically charged with the new costs when this is available to us at their next registration period.

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