What is Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Mar 19, 2015 | blog

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One of the services we offer here at 040Hosting is Semi-Dedicated Hosting, but what is semi-dedicated hosting ?

Shared Hosting

To explain this we first need to talk about Shared-Hosting in general; the idea behind shared hosting is that you have multiple clients sharing one servers resources. This is what makes webhosting affordable for every one these days. But as you may imagine there are also some limits to what is possible with shared-hosting as many users need to share the same server resources. A typical shared hosting server will host anywhere from 100 to sometimes 1000 of users and anything between it. This may work for many small sites, but when your site grows larger you may need to look at an alternative.

What is Semi-Dedicated Hosting

At 040Hosting we have chosen for a fully managed approach as with Shared Hosting, with the main difference that the amount of users are limited; instead of several hundreds of users on a shared-hosting environment you will find only 8 to 4 users on our Semi-Dedicated servers ; depending on the package you choose. The total of resources you have on our Semi-Dedicated servers are therefor much higher as on our shared-hosting packages.

Next to the amount of users we also are able to guarantee the amount of power in each package; we do this for shared-hosting but also for our semi-dedicated servers; this way your sites will be as stable as possible within the resources it is allowed to use.

Where we offer our Semi-Dedicated webhosting in Europe & United States of America

We offer our semi-dedicated hosting at the following locations:

– London, United Kingdom, Europe
– Strasbourg, France, Europe
– Haarlem, The Netherlands, Europe
– Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
– St.Louis, MO, United States of America
– Dallas, TX, United States of America

If you need semi-dedicated hosting in another location you can always contact our sales department, but please keep in mind those will be premium locations which will have a different pricing as our default locations.

Where to Buy semi-dedicated hosting & what to check

There are many providers offering Semi-Dedicated Hosting, there are many different types out there; always check what kind of service your host provides, and what resources are different from the other packages the hosting provider offers. Follow the link at the bottom of the document if you like 040Hosting offer for Semi-Dedicated Servers.

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