The Holiday Winter Season 2018/2019

Dec 19, 2018

As you all undoubtedly know the holiday seasons has kicked off, as usual with a large amount of hackers and script kiddies trying to gain access to websites for their malicious intent. Oh the joys of our Holiday Season which starts for us as early as October and will extend usually till half of January just to start up again around Easter. And of course also the good things happen around these times, sales usually raises and the amount of accounts needing upgrades usually too. 

Because of the busy times for our support engineers and sales department we will CLOSE the SALES department from 24th of December 2018 till 7th of January 2019
our SUPPORT departmnet will be only available for urgent/high priority tickets.

If we are around we may answer other support tickets and sales inqueries, but please understand that you may not receive a reply till the 7th of January. 

So in short:
24-12-2018 till 7-01-2019 our Sales department is closed.
24-12-2018 till 7-01-2019 our Support department will only handle emergency tickets.

Questions? We can help.