Shared NVME Rocket Speed Hosting

Sep 30, 2021 | blog, News

Our shared NVME hosting is a new addition to our services. After a lot of testing and checking actual speeds we have have found that this service would be at least 12x faster as our standard (but already fast) SSD drives. Which means that tasks which need more IO will perform a lot faster, think about websites which use a lot of database connections like an E-commerce website, or websites which have lots of graphics or photos on them. Especially larger or busy websites will benefit from the additional speed.

We not only did replace the SSD for the NVME drives, but also did double the Memory and CPU usage compared to our shared plans. This makes these new packages especially interesting for sites which outgrow the standard shared hosting, but not yet need to have our specialized WordPress, Joomla or our managed Hosting Dedicated Server solutions.

Check out our Shared NVME Hosting here.

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