Corporate Domain Protection

The domain investor’s choice is our Corporate Domain Protection service, 040hosting can register your domains and park them on our servers (or if you wish point the DNS towards your servers); we will register and park your domains and not let them expire, not even if you are to late with your payment for a period of maximum 1 year, we know that sometimes invoices can move around for a long time in larger organisation and especially with time sensitive invoices as with domains can be really tricky.With our service you are sure to not loose your Brand because someone missed an invoice or was to late with its payment.

Using our Corporate Domain Protection  Portfolio Management will provide you with a login to manage all your domains, this service starts at 50+ domains. Special discount rates as from 100+ domains.

Over 800,000 domain names have been suspended since the beginning of the year as a result of Whois email verification rules in the new ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement. Also read: A million domains taken down by email checks [ Domain Incite ]

  • No Domain expiration when you have a late payment.
  • No high fee’s for taking your domain out of quarantine after late payments.
  • One place to handle over 548 different TLD’s (also the new TLD’s are available, i.e. .technology .estate .company and so on).
  • Wholesale pricing as from 100+ registered domains.
  • Own domain management portal for when having more as 50+ domains (special conditions apply)
  • Possible registration of TLDs we do not (yet) offer (special conditions apply)
  • Designed for brand protection.
  • Free generic parking of the domain.
  • Personal parking page is possible for a small fee.
  • Place your domains for free in our domain market.

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