On this page you will find our holiday schedules when they become available. 


Wishing everyone happy holidays and wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year ahead.

While our support team will be available 24×7 for your emergency tickets we want to bring you up to date what you can and what you can’t expect during our company scheduled holiday seasons.

So what can you expect during our Holidays ?

  • Our Sales department will be closed (Sales includes: all new services bought and upgrades but also includes i.e. transfers of websites to our servers, also Invoicing and Payments)
  • Our Dutch Support will not be available, please use our English ticket queue.
  • Our International Ticket Queue is available 24×7, while limited staffed we will answer each ticket as soon as possible. Please do keep this to emergency tickets only.

During the below date our Sales team is not available and support will be limited available for emergency tickets only (i.e. server down, service down)

Upcoming dates (due to the coronavirus these dates may change):

– 24 December 2020 till 4 January 2021

    Please do note that we will assist you whenever possible during these times but also try to respect the holidays of our employees; if you have a problem we help, that is who we are, but sometimes things may not be urgent, we gladly help you with that, after the above scheduled holidays.

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