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Available in Europe: Rotterdam, The Netherlands ; Strasbourg, France and Düsseldorf, Germany, London, United Kingdom and in the USA (St.Louis), Asia, (Singapore) as well as in our Australia (Sydney) Location.

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24 x 7 Support

Our team is available 24 x 8 x 365 available for tickets, we aim to reply all tickets within 4 hours. Usually a lot faster.

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Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Need real reliable hardware for your project, look no further we provide unmanaged servers for any project. Starting as from € 45,00 monthly

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Domainnames from all over the world

We offer more as 548 different TLD’s to choose from including the long expected new gTLD’s

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All our shared environments have free SSL certificates and Imunify360 WAF/Firewall/Malware detection.

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Managed Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers come with cPanel/WHM. We manage the platform, you manage your clients content. As from € 115 p/month

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Our latest articles

NVME Drives Speed Up Data Processing

I’m sure you’ve experienced the annoyance of waiting for your computer to boot up or waiting for your browser to load content on the internet, but what if there was something you could do about it? A new kind of drive—an NVM Express (NVMe) drive—has become more common in recent years that is capable of processing data much faster than its predecessors, and it’s taking computer performance to the...

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Shared NVME Rocket Speed Hosting

Shared NVME Rocket Speed Hosting

Our shared NVME hosting is a new addition to our services. After a lot of testing and checking actual speeds we have have found that this service would be at least 12x faster as our standard (but already fast) SSD drives. Which means that tasks which need more IO will perform a lot faster, think about websites which use a lot of database connections like an E-commerce website, or websites which...

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Cloudflare to expand to 25+ Cities in Brazil

Today cloudflare announced an expansion they have been working on behind the scenes for the last two years: a 25+ city partnership with one of the largest ISPs in Brazil. This is one of the largest simultaneous single-country expansions they have done so far. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They have already launched in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Campinas,...

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SSL Sectigo: Two-Year Certificate Phase Out

INDUSTRY MANDATED CHANGE COUNTDOWN TO ONE-YEAR CERTIFICATES: 34 DAYS  Starting Wednesday, August 19, 2020, Sectigo will no longer be able to offer two-year public TLS certificates due to an industry-wide requirement set by Apple and Google, stating that any two-year TLS certificate issued after August 30, 2020 will be distrusted in their browsers. Any two-year TLS certificate issued before...

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Malware Scanner

We utilize a suite of security products called Imunify360 on our Shared / Reseller / Optimized and Elastic site products. And offer this tool for all our managed hosting clients as well. One of the parts of this imunify360 security software package is the Malware Scanner. It is important you keep track of your site at all times, if you do not patch your site in time it may get infected which can...

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