Domain Parking

Sometimes you just want to park your domain, 040hosting provides domain parking free of charge for all domains registered through us.

We do currently not offer a domain parking services for domains which are not registered with us. If you wish to do this you should buy a small hosting package which is sufficient for those needs.

If you wish to park the domain please contact our support department after placing the order, or if you already have a domain registered with us you may let us know the domain needs to be parked.

Note that we will investigate any domains before they move to our parked services to avoid domains with a bad track record to be included to avoid any unintentional blacklisting due to malware issues.

  • No Hosting Package needed
  • One place to handle over 548+ different TLD’s 
  • Wholesale pricing as from 100+ registered domains.
  • Own domain management portal for when having more as 50+ domains (special conditions apply)
  • Possible registration of TLDs we do not (yet) offer (special conditions apply)
  • Free generic parking of the domain.
  • Personal parking page is possible for a small fee.

Questions? We can help.