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€ 7.40/Year (Transfer to us € 5,00 1st year)


€ 8,39/1st Year


€ 7,02/Year


€ 8.40/Year


€ 12,00/Year


€ 10,38/Year

040Hosting offers one of the largest domain registration services in the world with a wide range of ccTLD’s and TLD’s and at competitive (or even the lowest) rates available.

While we offer domain registration our clients are free to register its domain at any registry, because of obvious reasons we can provide better support for domains registered directly through us.

If you have a larger domain portfolio and want to hand it over for management please contact our sales department we can even provide you with full access to a portal to manage your own domains or we can do this for you.

Currently we have more as 970+ TLD’s to choose from including the long expected new gTLD’s ; if you miss any TLD in our pricing list please let our sales team know and we can in most cases add this TLD to our domain registration services for you.

Please do note that some domains have restrictions for registration outside of the country or other restrictions, please let us know if you need assistance with your domain purchases.

A domain privacy service is available at additional costs for the following gTLD’s .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .CO .TV .MOBI .NAME .CC .XXX

040Hosting is also specialized in registering European and Specialized domain names, we can offer nearly any European domain ccTLD available. In example the .NL .BE .EU .ES .DE .GR .IT .ES .PT and many more, but also the standard and new gTLD’s like .com .net .org and in example the new gTLD .education or .gratis and hundreds more. Want to Transfer your Domain or to Register one, click here.

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