Imunify360 License

An Imunify360 License provides an All-in-one, hands-off security solution with robust protection against the newest attacks, powered by AI

Imunify360 delivers sophisticated detection of security threats. It uses herd immunity and the six-layer approach providing complete protection against attacks, including the distributed brute force attacks and zero day attacks. It is powered by the AI technology that constantly collects and analyzes a massive amount of information about new attacks on a global scale so that customers can benefit from it the moment they start.


Imunify360 constantly collects and processes a massive amount of information about new attacks from servers all over the world. It analyzes the web traffic that hits your servers, understands all security threats, and uses powerful AI technology to dynamically update its rules and prevent malicious attacks that could cause harm. It uses machine learning technology and extensive, signature-based algorithms to identify patterns of abnormal behavior in near real-time to quickly prevent new attacks.

Imunify360 is provided as standard service on our Shared / Reseller / Optimized and Elastic Site Servers.
And an Imunify360 License can be bought for our Unmanaged Dedicated Servers hosted with us.
New Managed Servers include a 250 user license of Imunify360.


Delivers sophisticated detection and display of security threats, powered by the self-learning firewall with herd immunity.
Protects servers against many threats, including distributed brute force attacks, the most common threat to web servers.
Analyzes insights from the global network to ban attackers before they even attack you.

Protects web applications against malware injections and defacement attacks.
Automatically secures your kernel and older PHP versions.

Is highly effective in catching more bad guys while stopping fewer good guys, because it is powered by the smart intrusion detection that collaborates with the central intrusion system.

Includes additional features such Reputation Management and an advanced Captcha system for vetting website visitors.
Is a responsive system with a high frequency of scanning that does not degrade the performance of your servers.

All-in-one, automated security solution with self-learning capability and a centralized management dashboard, ideal for VPS and
Dedicated servers.


Hands-off automation with fewer actions required to keep web servers secure

Imunify360 continuously protects your server, but you don’t always need to see the play-by-play. Use the centralized view to check in on the overall state of your server’s security with the option to view all security events.

All-in-one security with robust herd protection against the newest attacks, powered by AI

We are constantly collecting and analyzing a massive amount of information about new attacks on a global scale. Our sophisticated detection of security threats, including distributed brute force attacks, delivers powerful protection for your server.

An integrated security console right inside your hosting control panel, with 24×7 support

Our software is integrated into your control panel (cPanel available now, DirectAdmin, Plesk, ISPmanager, & no panel coming soon), and runs on CentOS, RHEL, and CloudLinux 6 & 7 servers. All security settings are managed from a single dashboard.

Next-level proprietary technology protects your system from known and unknown malware

Imunify360 analyses scripts in real-time and recognizes dangerous execution flows. This means you no longer need to watch CVE lists to identify current exploits. Imunify360 stops malicious PHP scripts, both new and old, preventing them from running on your servers.


Key Features



Centralized Incident
Management dashboard

Allows you to quickly check in on the overall state of your server and manage all aspects of its security. Displays all security events and the latest incidents updated every 30 seconds.

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Advanced Firewall with herd immunity

Prevents unauthorized users from accessing your servers. Uses herd immunity and artificial intelligence to detect new threats. Capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, port scans, as well as many other types of attacks.

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Smart Intrusion Detection System

Collaborates with the central intrusion detection system to decrease the number of false positives and false negatives

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Includes a comprehensive collection of “deny” policy rules to quickly block all known attacks. Monitors server logs and scans log files from all different angles and bans IPs that show malicious signs.

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Malware Scanning

Automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files

Available Now

Proactive Defence

Proactive Defense (previously known as Sandboxing) protects websites against zero-day attacks – it stops even the malware that no scanner is able to detect.

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Rebootless Secure Kernel (powered by KernelCare)

Enables running a secure kernel at all times by automatically patching kernels without having to reboot the server.

Available Now

Hardened PHP

Keeps your server secure by patching all PHP versions against known vulnerabilities. This allows you to run any version of PHP without having to update programs.

Available Now

Website Reputation Monitoring

Analyzes if your site or IPs are blocked by any blacklists and notifies you accordingly so that you can take action

Available now
(Domain only

Libcare, Patch Management, Security Scanning are under development


Imunify360 is included in our Shared / Reseller / Optimized Hosting packages
Imunify360 250 users is included in our Managed Dedicated Servers currently available.


Support all the popular systems CloudLinux OS 6,7,8,
Ubuntu 16,18, 20, CentOS 6,7,8, Debian 7,8,9,10, RHEL 6,7,8, AlmaLinux 8

cPanel & WHM, Direct Admin, ISPmanager, and Plesk. and servers without a control panel.

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