SaaS Software as a Service

Software as a Service or as we like to name it 040 Application Hosting, also called SaaS. If you need someone to manage your standard application, 040 Application hosting can help, we can patch and upgrade your applications for you, you do not need the technical knowledge, you can see 040 Application Hosting as your Technical backoffice support team. Obviously we are not able to support every software package, but please contact our sales department to see what we can do for you.

Examples of supported packages are: Joomla CMS and WordPress and on request many more. We support this service on all our packages for an additional fee, from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Available in packages of 8×5 and 24×7 (working hours are in GMT+1 timezone).

Weekly SaaS

as from € 75,00/monthly

Weekly update check for your website.
Monthly Audit Report
Up to 5 Additional Backups (i.e. DB, Mail, or whole site)

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Weekly Software as a Service by 040Hosting

Daily SaaS

as from € 125,00/monthly

Daily update check for your website
Monthly Audit Report
Up to 23 Additional Backups (i.e. DB, Mail, or whole site)

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Daily Software as a Service by 040Hosting

Unlimited Backup Jobs

Start creating backup jobs based on specific account groups, schedules, retention limits, data type, etc. You no longer have to settle for one backup job for your site!

Daily or Weekly Updates

Firewall / WAF / and Daily Anti-Malware scans. Pro-Active scanning 24×7 to stop attacks directly and on the fly. Daily or Weekly patches installed on your account. We can also follow instructions to check if your site is still working correctly, either automated or manually. 


Monthly Audit Report

Weekly patches of all modules/plugins accepted by our service and a monthly audit report of what updates we did install on your site during the previous month. Keeps you up to date, but no need to be involved. 

An example of our SaaS services for Joomla

Basic – Joomla out of the box software upgrades and installations. 
  • Basic Security hardening
  • Monthly Joomla Audit Report (Core Joomla components and modules) on request.
  • Security Upgrades of Core Components (weekly check)
  • Security Upgrades of Core Modules (weekly check)
  • Security Upgrades of Joomla Core (weekly check)
  • Free Off-site backup (up to 5GB*) up to the maximum per SaaS package. (* larger sites are possible for an additional fee).
Accepted modules: All active supported modules by developer which are used by multiple SaaS customers. 

Acceptance of a module is on a case to case basis. Note that no modification are allowed in accepted modules, and should be used as is designed by the original developer.

  • Basic Security hardening
  • Monthly Audit Report (Accepted Modules and Components) on request.
  • Security Upgrades (weekly check).
  • Upgrade to new version on request of customer, without guarantee (acceptance environment can be setup for free).

If you need a personal quote or have questions about our service, please do contact our sales department.

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