Working at 040Hosting

Benefits of working with 040Hosting

Working at 040Hosting gives it privileges not only you work in a flat organization without layers upon layers of management but even the management knows the industry inside out and can just as well answer a support query as our support engineers.


Working at 040Hosting means we provide you with the necessary tools to do your work properly; which means up to date hardware and software; and we are open for suggestions. We like to adjust our tools to our employee, not the other way around.  If you feel better with a Windows phone instead of Android of Apple; that is your choice and we respect it.

Work where you like

You do not need to be in the office day in day out; you have the freedom to move around and be where you are comfortable to do your work. We will always discuss a personal plan with our employees.

Free Quality Coffee in the office

More and more employers are charging for coffee at the workspace; we do not do such a thing, free quality coffee is available to all who come to the office.

Get Paid on what you Earn

You got that huge sale in, you earn a part of it; as simple as that. Keep in mind of what we expect from you …

What we Expect

We expect our employee’s to be customer oriented to the max; if a client asks for something you believe is not suiting them, don’t feel held back to tell them; our clients know we work based on honest advises and we are not out on selling that large cluster server system if the client really needs only a shared hosting account.

Knowledge Expected

It would be a pre if you know something about building websites, cPanel, WHM, PHP, Email configurations and webhosting in general but if you are a quick learner with interests in these topics that is okay too.


Job Openings

Sorry, There are currently no job openings available …..

Please check back later.

Questions? We can help.

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