Off Server Backup Service

If you have a dedicated server you may want to make your own off server backup  to ensure your clients (or yourself) have a good backup policy in place. We offer a service/solution in combination with our Managed Servers or if you use cPanel/WHM on an unmanaged server only. 

The Best Off Server Backup Service for cPanel/WHM Servers

Unlimited Backup Jobs

Start creating backup jobs based on specific account groups, schedules, retention limits, data type, etc. You no longer have to settle for one backup job for your entire server! Just backup them to your off server backup service.

Unlimited Options

Create as many schedules and smart account filters as you need for all your backup jobs. Also select specifically any combination of data that you would like backed up per job.

Create Snapshots

Make incremental backups and let your clients create snapshots before they update their account, that way the backup system quickly creates a backup with the changes between the last incremental backup and the time of the snapshot, resulting in a blazing fast snapshot. If the update goes wrong the client can restore the snapshot and everything is back to normal.

GREEN 2018

EUR 39,95

Dedicated Storage Server

100Mbit connection
1x JetBackup License

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BLUE 2018

EUR 74,95

Dedicated Storage Server

1000Mbit connection
1x JetBackup License

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