[Resources] jQuery Ajax File uploader with progress bar and drag and drop

Apr 16, 2014

Daniel wrote a great jQuery Ajax File Uploader with progress bar and drag and drop and image previews .. well you get it, with everything;
As Daniel says:

It is Basically a jQuery plugin for Ajax file uploading, including drag & drop and some upload progress bar action. Some of the stuff i found online didn’t had all this features and/or mess up A LOT with markup making customization even harder than doing the whole thing from scratch.

The plugin provides a series of callbacks for pretty much everything so the developer can fully customize the UI from there.
Look at the online demos to get a better feeling of it:

  1. http://danielm.herokuapp.com/demos/dnd/  (good lookng BootstrapCSS theme’d).
  2. http://danielm.herokuapp.com/demos/dnd/simple.php (plain HTML/CSS)
Update: Added another demo where Daniel explains how to add a Image Preview during the upload process. Check it out: http://blog.daniel.com.uy/2014/04/images-preview-with-my-jquery-upload-plugin.html

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