Watch out for paid review sites

Jun 8, 2014 | blog

040Hosting Reviews

Searching for reliable hosting can be a hard task, because how can you trust a web hosting company you want to do business with, while there are tons of ways to give a hint on the operations of a hosting company there is really no way to be certain, especially since most review sites these days seem to be paid ones.

As a hosting company we are offered more as once to pay for a listing at one of those review sites and we keep turning those companies down because we do believe quality comes from it self not from paying to be higher ranked, if that makes us less reliable for some customers so be it our existing clients know this is not the case and those are the best referrals we have !

This is why 040Hosting started years back ; to provide quality but still affordable webhosting for clients all over the world; we grew from 1 server in the US to server farms around the world, currently we provide hosting in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States and in Singapore. We can provide our clients around the globe our quality hosting without paying for review sites. We believe we are not just being a supplier to our clients but a Partner in their hosting needs. Want to see some real reviews our clients gave us (we promise we did not pay them for it!) check out our review page here.

Another problem surfacing in the hosting world is the payed reviews from clients, some companies have started to pay clients to write a review for them to boost their reviews. Also this tactic is something we stay away from as far as possible. We value our clients reviews when they give them, the good and if there are the bad just as much, because reviews are a great way of seeing what we are doing great, but also teaches us about things we could do better.

In other words, when searching for a quality and reputable webhost try to look a bit further; try sites as to see how a host is doing compared to others  and we are sure you will find the hosting company suiting your needs and budget.


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