Updated our support portal

Aug 25, 2015

supportportal-newAs some of you may have noticed our support portal has been upgraded yesterday, while most of the work is done behind the screens the portal itself did get a makeover as well. We believe everything has not a clearer place and a more clean look overall, making it easier for you to see your products and find the information you may need.

Not only is the site more responsive as it was before, it will also make it easier for us to implement new features to improve our support and invoicing. A few small things which have changed:

  • The look of the support portal, browse around and see the many graphical changes.
  • Contextual sidebars in the support portal
  • Client notifications, an easy way to see if you have open invoices or almost expiring domains.
  • Backend changes to make it easier for our support team to assist you.
  • Invoice filenames now include 040Hosting in front of them, if you had multiple invoices from different hosting providers you may have gotten duplicate filenames or just confusing invoice numbers. Now you can see at a glance which invoice is ours.

And hopefully we are able to provide more integration soon, making www.040support.nl your one stop for anything regarding your web hosting account with 040Hosting.

Questions? We can help.