Reliable Hosting Monitoring

Mar 21, 2016 | blog, News

Reliable Hosting Monitoring at a fair price

At 040Hosting we are looking every day at improving our services and how to give our tools back to our users so they can benefit from it too; our latest addition may just be what you need, Reliable Hosting Monitoring !

Not limited

While we are well aware there are hundreds of monitoring services on the market we believe we have an offer which is better as the rest, not to mention very reliable.  Already from the smallest monitoring package we do not limit your checks, we do not limit locations you can monitor from and we do not limit the amount of notifications you can send out, no matter if this is by means of Voice calls, SMS messages or other notification methods.  So you want to monitor your service every minute from all locations around the world, no problem !

More as just ping monitoring

In example 040Hosting does monitor its managed servers as well, we do this not by a ping as most hosting providers do but by actually connecting to the webserver and retrieve a page. We also check our servers against several RBL (Realtime Blackhole Lists) to catch any mail blocks before they become a problem to our customers. Our monitoring service does not stop there, a wide range of monitors is available to you and if they are not sufficient you can create your own scripts to be called from the monitoring as well.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs, you pay for a set of monitors + for each notification contact you create. This means you can start monitoring 5 services for only EUR 5,10 a month (including 1 notification contact); for each additional notification contact you pay 0,10 EUR for unlimited messaging. Many other providers let you buy packages for SMS and Voice calls; we include this in the contact fee, so you will never find yourself without credit and thus no notification.

Easy setup from our support portal

Setting up monitoring is simple and is fully integrated within our support and billing system, you can simply login to your account and configure your reliable hosting monitoring.

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