Blue Monday is a Gloomy Day Like No Other or maybe not?

Jan 16, 2023

blue monday

Revealing the Mystery of Blue Monday: Exploring the Science and History Behind the Gloomiest Day of the Year

Blue Monday, a day known as the most depressing day of the year, is said to occur on the third Monday of January. It is believed to be a combination of post-holiday blues, cold winter weather, fading New Year’s resolutions and debts accumulated during the holiday season. But is there any real science behind blue Monday?

The term blue Monday was first coined in 2005 by psychologist Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University. He created an equation to determine the most depressing day of the year, which he dubbed blue Monday. The equation takes into account weather conditions, debt levels, time since Christmas and other factors that affect people’s happiness.

However, blue Monday has since been debunked, with many experts citing that this blue day is nothing more than a marketing ploy to encourage people to purchase items or services. Some even say blue Monday is just another example of how society promotes the idea that we must be happy all the time.

Blue Monday or not, it’s important to remember that feeling blue is a normal part of life. While blue Monday may not be the most depressing day of the year, it serves as a reminder that we all go through peaks and valleys in life. Most importantly, blue Monday should remind us to take time for self-care and find joy in our lives no matter what day it is.

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That said, we love the color Blue, Blue is the color of the sky and sea, which encourages a feeling of openness and a desire to explore new horizons. It also conveys trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Blue can also be calming – when used in lighter shades it can create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and contemplation. This can make blue great for bedrooms or meditation rooms. It’s no wonder blue is seen as one of the most positive colors!

So, in contrast to the ‘Blue Monday’ label of today’s date, let us hope that it brings you a better association with this color!



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