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Jan 1, 2012 | blog, News

Want Better Server Performance? Crash Proof them with CloudLinux

040Hosting now offers you the latest in virtualization technology called CloudLinux to address common issues that cause instability and downtime when hosting multiple websites on a server. With this new operating system you can crash proof your servers. And now you can a Cloudlinux license for only € 8,40 a month (excl. 21% VAT where applicable)

There were always 2 things that made hosting multiple websites on a server a pain. One was leaving vast amounts of idle resources to guard against a single tenant from over-utilizing the shared resources. You always have to prepare for the worst – and leave idle resources sitting and waiting for something that may or may not happen. Very inefficient.

The other pain was keeping one website from causing problems and eating up server resources causing it to slow or worse, shutting down the server. Resources can be drained by any number of problems like a traffic spike, a bug in the website code from one tenant or a hacker attack.

Those days are over, 040Hosting Now offers CloudLinux for an even lower monthly license fee.

CloudLinux uses Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology to isolate resources on the server. It prevents individual websites from using too many resources and slowing down other sites, provides better security, and protects servers from issues that drain resources.

The technology provides better management of server populations and improves stability and can allow you to host twice as many accounts on one server. Not only that, CloudLinux is easy to deploy and manage since it is:

Based on RedHat EL 5.x / EL 6.x and interchangeable with CentOS 5.x / 6.x which means no learning curve
Works with all major control panels including cPanel and Plesk
Compatible with major hosting technologies like KSplice and R1Soft Backup
Transparent to both the administrator and end user and requires virtually no overhead
If you want to deliver more stability and better uptime to your customers, order a CloudLinux server from 040Hosting today.

040Hosting offers Cloud Linux on it’s wide range of Dedicated Server offers (Managed and Unmanaged) in Europe and the USA. We also utilize CloudLinux on our Shared – Reseller and Semi-Dedicated servers in the Netherlands (Haarlem), United Kingdom (London), France/Germany (Strasbourg), USA (Dallas and St.Louis).

Questions? We can help.

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