New Shared Hosting Packages 2015

Jan 25, 2015

We are proud to announce our new Shared Hosting Packages 2015:

Platinum Package 2015 € 5.49 (3GB Diskspace / 40GB Bandwidth)
Business Package 2015 € 9.49 (8GB Diskspace / 50GB Bandwidth)
Specials Package 2015 € 15.99 (15GB Diskspace / 150GB Bandwidth)
Premium Package 2015 € 27.79 (30GB Diskspace / 500GB Bandwidth)

With our new shared hosting packages 2015, we provide more diskspace and bandwidth with only slight price changes. We also introduced an “annual payment = 1 month free” to give you the choice to safe more money.

All clients with the previous ‘platinum’, ‘business’, ‘specials’ or ‘premium’ Packages can upgrade to these new package, please create a ticket within our support portal, you will then be upgraded within 24h. (If you pay monthly you will only start paying in the next term and the current term is on us, for all others payment period we will prorate your account).

Please note that upgrading to the 2015 packages is optional, but for many an interesting option to get more diskspace and bandwidth.

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