New SSD Hosting Europe and USA

Feb 7, 2015 | blog, News

What is better as 040Hosting’s standard shared hosting offering ? Well our new Shared SSD Hosting Europe and USA   hosting packages, they come with all the good from our standard hosting packages but with the speed of SSD drives and not just any SSD drives, drives handling up to 100,000 IOPS; now that is a huge performance. As with all our package we only sell non-oversold diskspace.  Currently this service is only available in our Strasbourg or St.Louis facility.

Please note that 040Hosting only offers real diskspace; you are not secretly added to a storage server with loads of ram to ‘mimic’ a SSD storage unit; we also do not oversell any diskspace; what we offer is what you really get. This makes us not the cheapest in the market, but it makes us proud to be a honest service provider. Hence we call our diskspace ‘Real’.

To celebrate our new SSD Hosting packages you can grab an account at 20% discount for the lifetime of the account, this offer is only valid for this month ! Coupon: newssd

Next to the SSD service on Shared Hosting Europe and USA accounts we also offer the service on our SSD reseller packages, so you can sell hosting to your clients on a blazing fast platform without giving in to quality. So if you are a designer or web developer and want to sell quality hosting directly to your clients take a look at our fantastic reseller SSD packages as well. If you do not need the speed of SSD you can also look at our standard reseller packages.

Questions? We can help.

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