Global Reseller Hosting

Mar 12, 2015 | blog

We have had several clients wondering how global reseller hosting can help their business.

Standard Reseller Hosting will allow you to have your reseller account on 1 location, so all your clients will always be on the same server. But most resellers do not target just one location in the world; many of them have clients from the USA and from Europe at the same time.

So how does this work ?

As most resellers choose reseller hosting for their business (i.e. webdesigners and small hosting companies) but want to offer services like the large players, our global reseller hosting plan is unique in the market. For just a small fee you will get your reseller package split up over two global locations i.e. Amsterdam and St.Louis ; or even within the some continent; Dallas and St.Louis.

This gives our resellers which opt for the Global Reseller Hosting plan the absolute freedom to grow internationally while giving their customers the best speeds available at just the fraction of the price of 2 separate reseller accounts with different hosts. This is what makes this a unique service to 040hosting.

Want to know more about our Global Reseller Hosting Plan; check out our reseller page.

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